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We mill exactly to your specifications, resulting in a better fit, better shading techniques, and less adjustments.
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STL files send by 12:00 Eastern will be sent out next day. Models will be processed and sent out after 3 days in lab. Implants estimated on per case basis.


Zirconia is quickly becoming the top choice of dental technicians, and ultimately patients. It is biocompatible, durable and very esthetic.


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High Precision Milling

Streamline Dental is a Canadian milling center exclusively for Dental laboratories and Dental Companies. We want to “partner” with you, and not compete with you.

We have been milling Zirconia for over 8 years and continue to adapt and improve on all products and aspects as technology and materials are developed and approved. We are leaders in our field and have a strong focus on learning, training and improving.

Let Streamline Dental’s experience help your lab grow by utilizing our expertise and investment in technology.

Our Equipment

Roland DWX-51D

Designed to streamline the production process, the DWX-51D features 5-axis simultaneous machining capability, a 10-station automatic tool changer with tool length sensor, and a diagnostic notification system that allows for minimal operator involvement.

William Macodel 308b

The ultra-compact 308b machining centre offers first-rate performance, thanks to its smart design, and allows the machining of complex workpieces from any type of material (titanium, chrome-cobalt, zircon, precious metals, etc.).

CORiTEC 550i

The CORiTEC 550i from iMES-iCORE is a high productivity solution for dental applications with 5-axis wet and/or dry milling. The CORiTEC 550i has a multi-use production system and is meant for labs with metal-milling mass production cycles.


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